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We have all at one time or another had concerns about the safety and security of our business premises or homes. Security is highly important in terms of protecting your assets and loved ones/staff from the risk of break-ins or other incidents occurring. The main reasons why fire and security systems are vital for businesses and homes are as follows:


  • Peace of mind – having a full security system or fire security system in place gives you the peace of mind that your home or premises are protected.

  • Fire & Security systems can save money on insurance premiums. If you have taken active steps to prevent the risk of fires and increase the security of your home or business then this can be seen by insurance providers as being lower risk. This can then naturally reduce insurance premiums.

  • Acts as a deterrent and defends against fire. If it’s clear that you’ve invested in the security of a property then this acts as a deterrent to would-be thieves. They statistically target buildings that haven’t clearly invested in security systems more than buildings that look well protected. You can stop potentially extremely destructive fires by investing in modernised fire detection and prevention systems.

At ELECSEC, we are the leading fire & security company in Bristol and across the South West. We have specialised in fire & security in Bristol and beyond for many years. We are able to advise you on the best fire and security systems that suit your home and/or your business premises. Find out more about our services today and speak to a member of our team to arrange for a free quote.

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Can Fire & Security Systems Decrease My Business Insurance Premiums?


When an insurance company or underwriter is assessing your business and the risk posed to your business – they will consider a number of factors. One of these factors will be the steps you take to prevent break-ins and fires. This is because having an advanced system will reduce the chances of you having to make a claim on the policy. Therefore, investing in a modern fire & security system can save you money on the amount you have to pay each year in insurance premiums.

Can Fire & Security Systems Reduce My Home Insurance Premiums?

Underwriters or insurance companies when writing your home insurance policy will take a number of things into consideration which you have to answer accurately when filling in your initial application. Investing in a fire detection and prevention system in your home will significantly reduce the risk of serious damage from fire. A modern, advanced security system will significantly reduce the risk of break-ins and you then having to claim contents insurance on stolen items. This leads to investing in these systems to usually reduce your home insurance premiums overall.

Deter Crime & Take Action To Prevent & Mitigate Fires


Just having a clear security system in place can deter thieves from targeting the building. Having CCTV cameras clearly in operation, security gates or access control & CCTV signage are great ways to prevent incidents from even occurring. The complexity of your security system and requirements will vary depending on your business. We can advise and support you from start to finish in terms of how complex your security system may need to be.


Advanced fire detection and prevention systems can help prevent a fire from even occurring or significantly reduce potential damage should a fire occur. Your business will require specific systems depending on the risk of fire, the materials that you handle or have stored in your business premises and other factors that will be addressed in your fire risk assessment. We can help you upgrade your systems. For your home – we highly recommend investing in an advanced detection system – these systems save numerous lives every year.

At ELECSEC, we are the leading fire & security company in Bristol and across the South West. We have specialised in fire & security in Bristol and beyond for many years. We have supported our many clients in arranging for sufficient fire & security system installation or upgrades for their homes and/or their businesses. To find out more about how you can benefit from installing a fire & security system – get in touch today.

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