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Keyholding & Alarm Response

In the event of an activation, our Monitoring (A.R.C) partner will notify the instructed keyholders, held on file against the premises of the notification. Based on the type of notification “Confirmed Intruder” or “Fire” keyholders may need to urgently attend site to check the premises.
If you do not have a keyholder situated within close proximity, we are able to offer a keyholding and/or alarm response service. Our SIA approved partner can respond immediately, to identify the cause of the alarm activation and notify and/or confirm if emergency services are required to attend.

We can offer two options of service to suit your requirements:

Keyholding & Alarm Response

The security guard will have keys to enter the building and check the alarm panels to help identify the cause or if the emergency services were called the guard can give them entry into the building to take necessary action.

Alarm Response Only

The security guard will attend site to do a visual check and confirmation of a break-in or fire and notify the emergency services and keyholders if required.

What are the main benefits of Keyholding and Alarm Response?

The main benefit of keyholding and alarm response is faster response times and minimised loss or damages at the property. It also means no more anxiety for your keyholding staff that they may get called out during the night or early hours to investigate an alarm activation. Resulting in loss of productivity from the staff the next day.
Using a professional keyholding partner also means you eliminate any associated risk to your own employees. Decreasing the risk of personal injury claims from staff. Potential savings on insurance costs as some insurance providers may be willing to offer discounted premiums if you have a professional accredited keyholding service.
24/7 guaranteed attendance – meaning there is no risk of non-attendance by own staff through alcohol consumption or childcare concerns. All Keys are held in a secure location to BS7984 standards so no risk of not being able to provide access through loss of keys.

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We can provide a FREE Fire Risk Assessment for your property, and advise you on the fire prevention and detection system that is right for you.

Why should I choose Keyholding and Alarm Response?

All of the Keyholding alarm response officers are experienced and fully trained. Our customers can have peace of mind knowing that whoever attends your building can competently deal with a multitude of different situations.
Whether it’s a full internal and /or external patrol, liaising with emergency services, resetting of your systems, or speaking to your nominated glazer to arrange a boarding up service in the event of window or door damage. Our security personnel always act in your best interests.
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