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Scaffold Alarms For Business

Elecsec specialises in providing a cost-effective means of Scaffold Alarm intruder protection and sophisticated site alarm security, for the purpose of eliminating potential thefts or vandalism whilst buildings are undergoing renovation or repair.

Scaffold Alarm Systems

In the construction industry, the security of the site and its assets is paramount. This is where scaffold alarms and comprehensive construction site security measures come into play, providing essential protection against theft, vandalism, and unauthorised access.
Understanding that each construction site has its unique challenges and requirements, Elecsec offers customised security solutions. We assess the specific needs of your site, taking into account factors such as location, size, and the nature of the construction work.

Scaffold Alarms and Comprehensive Site Security From Elecsec

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Comprehensive Construction Site Security

Scaffoldings are often the most vulnerable parts of a construction site, presenting significant security challenges. Elecsec addresses these challenges by installing bespoke scaffold alarm systems. These systems serve as a robust deterrent to potential intruders and vandals, providing immediate alerts in case of unauthorised access.
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Tailored Scaffold Alarm Solutions by Elecsec

This ensures that valuable materials and tools stored on the scaffolding are well-protected against theft and tampering. Elecsec’s alarms come equipped with advanced features such as motion sensors, tamper alerts, and remote monitoring capabilities, which can be integrated seamlessly with other security measures like CCTV and floodlighting.

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Stay Ahead of Threats with Elecsec

Our comprehensive solutions in scaffold alarms and construction site security are meticulously designed to protect against theft, vandalism, and unauthorised access, ensuring the safety of construction assets, workers, and the public.

24/7 365 Monitoring

Our scaffold alarm systems are monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year so you can rest assured your site is secure.

Heat & Movement Sensors

Our movement sensors use proximity beams that are triggered when broken alerting the site manager or security personnel.

Alarm Activated CCTV

Battery operated wireless cameras that are triggered by the alarm giving full visibility of unauthorised intruders.

Intruder Deterrence

Elecsec's visible and effective scaffold alarm systems act as a strong deterrent to potential trespassers and vandals.


A scaffold alarm is a security system designed specifically for scaffolding to prevent unauthorised access, theft, and vandalism. It typically includes motion sensors, audible alarms, and sometimes visual alerts.
Elecsec’s scaffold alarms work by detecting motion or tampering on the scaffolding structure. Upon detection, the system triggers an alarm that can notify site managers or security personnel, and in some cases, a monitoring centre.

Yes, our scaffold alarms can be integrated with existing site security systems, including CCTV cameras, intruder alarms and access control systems, for comprehensive site security.

Elecsec’s scaffold alarms are versatile and can be adapted to fit various types of scaffolding, ensuring optimal protection regardless of the scaffold’s design or size.
Our alarms are equipped with advanced sensors to minimise false alarms. In the event of a false alarm, the system can be quickly reset by authorised personnel, and sensitivity adjustments can be made.

Yes, Elecsec offers remote monitoring services, allowing you to monitor the scaffold alarm system from a smartphone or computer, providing alerts and updates in real-time.

Our alarms are designed to be conspicuous as a deterrent, but we also balance this with the aesthetic and practical needs of the site to ensure they do not obstruct construction work.

Installation involves assessing the scaffold structure, determining optimal sensor placements, and configuring the alarm system. Our team ensures a swift and efficient installation with minimal disruption to construction activities.

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