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Door Entry Systems Swindon

Deploying commercial door entry intercom systems is a potent strategy for bolstering the security of your business or office premises.

Swindon's Trusted Source for Business Door Entry Systems

Door entry intercom systems act as the first barrier against unauthorised access to your premises. Choosing the right system not only guarantees the level of security you need but also allows you to interact with and visually verify visitors through a display. If you grant access, a quick press of a button promptly unlocks the door, offering both convenience and assurance.

Our advanced door entry systems achieve an ideal harmony of robust security measures, user-friendly convenience, and administrative oversight. With Elecsec’s offerings, equip your business with the door entry solution it truly deserves.

We Specialise in the Design, Supply and Installation of a Range of Intercom Door Entry Systems in Swindon

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Door Intercom Systems Swindon

We provide a wide array of products tailored to meet various business needs. Keypad Entry Systems are ideal for small businesses, offering secure and customizable code access.

Card Reader Systems are tailored for medium to large enterprises, allowing quick access via key cards. For maximum security, our Biometric Systems utilize cutting-edge fingerprint or facial recognition technology.

Our Intercom Systems seamlessly blend security and communication features, enabling you to verify visitors before granting access.

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Door Entry System Installation Swindon

Elecsec’s door entry systems lead the industry in access control technology, providing advanced security features to protect your Swindon premises from unauthorised entry. Our systems are flexible, allowing you to customize access permissions according to specific areas and schedules.

This flexibility gives you complete control over your Swindon business premises. The seamless integration of our door entry systems with your existing security infrastructure, including CCTV and alarm systems, ensures smooth operation and thorough protection.

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Other Areas Covered

We also operate across other areas across the South West including Bristol, Weston Super-Mare, Bath, Cheltenham, Gloucester and more.

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An Access Control System serves as a security measure managing and regulating access to buildings, rooms, or specific areas. It substitutes conventional keys and locks with electronic mechanisms like card readers, keypads, or biometric scanners to grant entry authorisation.
Biometric access control systems utilise distinct physical traits like fingerprints or facial features to identify and authenticate individuals. When someone seeks access to a secured area, the system compares their biometric information with stored data to determine access authorisation.
Indeed, numerous contemporary Access Control Systems provide remote control capabilities. This enables administrators to oversee access permissions from any location using a computer or mobile device, thereby enhancing convenience and flexibility.
Electronic access control systems offer robust security measures. They minimise the risk of key duplication and enable thorough tracking and auditing of access events. Moreover, they can seamlessly integrate with other security systems to bolster overall protection.
The majority of Access Control Systems are equipped with backup power options, such as batteries, to ensure continuous operation during power outages. This guarantees that security is upheld and access control remains effective even in the event of electrical failures.
Certainly, a primary advantage of an Access Control System is its capability to assign diverse access levels. This allows for the restriction or granting of access to specific areas based on the user’s role or security clearance.
Indeed, Access Control Systems can frequently be combined with other security systems like CCTV, alarm systems, and fire safety systems, offering a comprehensive security solution.
In such cases, the system can quickly deactivate the lost or stolen item and issue a new one, ensuring uninterrupted security.
Certainly, numerous systems are scalable and can accommodate a significant number of users, rendering them suitable for small businesses as well as large enterprises.
Indeed, systems can be configured to permit access solely during designated times, a feature particularly beneficial for managing after-hours access in commercial environments.


A door entry system represents an electronic security solution employed to regulate access to a building or designated areas within it. These systems vary from basic electronic keypads to advanced biometric systems.
Door entry systems bolster security by limiting access solely to authorised individuals. They effectively deter unauthorised entry, maintain access logs, and seamlessly integrate with other security measures such as CCTV to enhance monitoring capabilities.
Various types of door entry systems exist, including keypad systems, card readers, biometric systems (such as fingerprint or facial recognition), and intercom systems. Each type provides varying degrees of security and convenience.
Certainly, the majority of door entry systems can be seamlessly integrated with additional security measures like CCTV cameras, alarm systems, and fire safety systems to ensure comprehensive security coverage.
Modern door entry systems prioritise user-friendliness. Whether it’s a basic keypad or an advanced biometric system, they are designed for easy operation and can be effortlessly used by all authorised individuals.
Door entry systems offer high levels of customisation. You have the ability to define various access levels, limit access to specific times of the day, and even schedule temporary access for visitors or contractors.
The majority of door entry systems are equipped with backup power options, such as battery backups, to maintain functionality in the event of power outages.
Depending on the installed system, visitors can gain access through temporary codes, visitor badges, or by being buzzed in via an intercom system.
Installation generally begins with a consultation to evaluate your requirements, followed by the deployment of hardware and software by our skilled technicians. Subsequently, training is offered to ensure proficient utilisation of the system.
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